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Apollo Outdoor Pursuits Hike : Heart Mountain

June 24, 2017 @ 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

TRAIL: Heart Mountain


DISTANCE: 10 KM round trip

ELEVATION GAIN: 930M (For reference the Calgary Tower is 191M Tall)

HIKING TIME: Approx 6 hours round trip (approx. 4 hours of hiking plus lunch and breaks)

DIFFICULTY: STRENUOUS (moderate throughout with some challenging/strenous incline to the ridge) it is achievable for “average” active hikers who are used to moderate vertical incline (i.e., getting to the “top” of at least 500M peaks). However due to the 900 M elevation gain it may be beyond some individual abilities. If you’re not sure please call/email Todd to discuss. Not for first time or beginner hikers.

DOGS: Not allowed on this trip due to difficulty (exceptions can be made contact todd)

PARKS CANADA TRAIL REPORT: Good / fair condition. Muddy sections below. STAY ON TRAIL, walking off trail damages the vegetation. Bear & cougar season be extra “bear cautious”.

WEATHER REPORT: A mostly sunny. High 20.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: This is perhaps K Country/Kananaskis area most popular ridge walk. Within the first hour of hiking you are exposed to great views of the Bow valley. The views continue for most of the hike and across the ridge. This is a loop hike and we travel across many different terrains and experience multiple environments. It is a short hike but it has a steep ascent and a steep descent. Not for first time or beginner hikers.

WAIVER: A waiver must be reviewed and signed prior to participating. Waivers will be available at the meeting location.

DEPARTURE TIME: 8:30 AM (don’t be late cause we won’t wait!)

MEETING PLACE: 2nd floor lounge at CO-OP on 1130 – 11 Avenue SW http://goo.gl/maps/0WJu Store is open so grab any last minute items. Please check in with Todd 8:15AM-8:30AM in the upstairs coffee lounge (enter doors, turn left, up the stairs). (note store opens Saturday/Sunday at 8AM for those who need last minute items)

CARPOOL: Upon arrival please let Todd know if you’re driving or in need of a ride. Don’t assume there will be enough cars bring your vehicle. You can leave it parked in the $2 all day lot across from CO-OP on 10th AV SW (lot with the big blue sign). (you’re car may be towed if you leave it in the Co-op parking lot – ask Todd about other options). If we don’t have enough vehicles at co-op the hike will be cancelled. So far we have not had an issue yet – but we are having increasing attendance and fewer drivers.

TRAIL HEAD DIRECTIONS: Driving directions to the hike parking area will be provided.

PARK PASS: NOT Required (car poolers will SHARE the cost of the pass with drivers)

MANDATORY ITEMS: 2.0 litres water/fluid (mandatory! ), appropriate clothing (think layers), backpack, lunch and snacks, hat, sunscreen, runners or hiking boots (no sandals or flip flops), extra t-shirt(s), wind breakerraincoat & dry t-shirt(s) for the windy and usually cooler “pass”.

SUGGESTED ITEMS: Sun glasses, sun screen, bug spray!, bear spray, wind breaker/light rain coat, trekking poles, sandals for car trip, camera, fruit, energy bars, change of clothes for ride home, money, gas money, binoculars, shareable snacks, etc Please do not “live off the generosity” of others bring your own supplies ?

OTHER: I highly recommend bringing another 500ml of something to drink and an energy bar for the car ride and to finish them before the hike starts. Worst thing you can do is start hiking hungry and dehydrated after an hour+ car ride.

ETIQUETTE: It is customary to provide $5+ to the driver for gas, it is a group hike please stay with the group, let wildflowers live, stay on the trail, leave no trace, pack out everything you bring, communicate up front any timelines to your passengers (i.e., having to be back at “x” time ) so they can decide if they want to go with someone else that has no time restrictions.

PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS: We hate to have to even put this in here but we do. This is a fun group activity so please bring your “group first” attitude. Please note we will be sticking fairly closely to the planned hiking itinerary and are unable to accommodate individual needs or requests to alter the itinerary, timelines, structure, or other types of individual requests. Sticking to the groups stated itinerary is respectful to other participants and of course complies with safety/insurance/legal issues we face. You must be physically able to complete the entire hike and travel at 4KM hour.

POST HIKE ACTIVITY: To be decided by the group

HIKE SCHEDULING: Hikes are posted on the Apollo Outdoor Pursuits Facebook page early in the week just indicating that a hike is happening that weekend https://www.facebook.com/ApolloOutdoorPursuits. Details and the Apollo Outdoor Pursuits email notification come out later in the week usually THURSDAY NIGHT before the weekend hike. A lot of planning, weather watching and destination planning is going on behind the scenes and the final piece of the puzzle is the weather forecast. This is normally only “reliable” by mid week. Hence hike and destinations are formalized Wednesday/Thursday based on the Environment Canada weather. People are often busy on the few precious weekends we have in Calgary so we are always excited when you can join us for one day of your weekend and hence try our hardest to ensure all the details are in place to ensure you have fun time. You’re always welcome to email and ask about whether a hike is in the works for any given weekend.

CONTACT: Todd – cell 403-922-3530, email ApolloOutdoorPursuits@shaw.ca Please contact me with any questions or concerns. RSVP required so I know you’re coming!

CAVEAT1: Apollo Outdoor Pursuits events are by invitation only. Apollo Outdoor Pursuits reserves the right to refuse/revoke participation to any individual who is deemed disruptive to the group, unable to function in a fun group atmosphere, cannot comply with the itinerary or does not comply with directions from event leaders.

CAVEAT2: The hiking plan / destination is subject to change based on weather, trail reports, safety or other reasons subject to Apollo Outdoor Pursuits discretion.


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June 24, 2017
8:30 am - 5:30 pm