Calgary Pride Media Kit

The Calgary Pride Logo


The Calgary Pride logo evokes feelings of celebration and joy; inspired by a colourful burst of fireworks, the shape also represents a human form with welcoming, open arms. The upside-down triangle also pays respect to the persecuted homosexuals who were identified with an upside-down pink or black triangle during the holocaust.


To request the use of the Calgary Pride logo, please contact us using this form.

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Promoting Calgary Pride



  • Use “Calgary Pride” to refer to the organization.
  • Use “Calgary Pride Festival” to refer to the 11 day, city-wide festival.
  • Use “Pride in the Park” to refer to the single day event held in Shaw Millennium Park.
  • Use the Calgary Pride logo with the “ATB Financial Presents” branding when communicating about the Festival.
  • Use the Calgary Pride logo without the “ATB” branding when communicating about the organization, unrelated to the Festival.


  • Use “Pride Calgary”, “Gay Pride Calgary”, “Calgary Gay Pride”, or any other variations.
  • Manipulate the Calgary Pride logo in any way.
  • Use any other artwork not included in our logo package, or previous versions of our logo.
  • Associate the word(s) “Pride” or “Calgary Pride” with events, organizations, collectives, parties, or other entities without the permission of Calgary Pride. Requests can be submitted using our contact form above.