CALGARY – It has been brought to the attention of the organizers of the Calgary Pride Parade and Festival that Joan Crockatt, incumbent MP for Calgary Centre EDA and an approved entrant in the 2015 Calgary Pride Parade, had voted in opposition to Bill C-279, An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (gender identity).

The individual review of the voting records for politicians entering in the parade is not a part of the vetting and approval process for entry in the Calgary Pride Parade, and the voting history on Bill C-279 was not specifically reviewed at the time of approval.

Since this information has been brought to light, Calgary Pride began a review of the application, and reached out to Joan Crockatt directly for a discussion on the vote in opposition to Bill C-279. This discussion revealed that the opposition vote was made after consultation with Egale Canada, a national human rights trust focused on promoting LGBTQA human rights, and one that has been a strong advocate for the passing of Bill C-279 without amendments. Following this consultation, Joan Crockatt expressed that she did not feel the amended bill was effective to protect the Trans* community, and opted to vote in opposition in order to ensure a better Gender Identity rights bill is formed.

After reviewing  and discussing the matter more fully, Calgary Pride has determined that Joan Crockatt has upheld the values of the organization as outlined in the application process, and recognizes the support she has offered the community throughout her political career. At this time, her attendance in the parade will continue to be permitted.

Calgary Pride is pleased to have politicians from all parties who seek to actively advocate for LGBTQA rights, and who fight to ensure that the best legislation is brought into law. The organizers of the Calgary Pride Parade and Festival do not advocate any particular political party or politician, and instead choose to ensure that the local LGBTQA community is educated on all pertinent issues.

For media inquiries, please contact Craig Sklenar, Director of Government Relations at 403-700-9061 or

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